Wednesday 15 January 2014

Dollar and Cents- Renovating a House (Choosing of House Furnishing and Accessories)

It had been a hectic time as I have just moved to my new residence. I have moved four times so far in my life and moving is really tiring and stressful while managing all the logistics. Hopefully this will be my final home where I can retire in, provided it does not get en-bloc.

As promised in my previous blog post, I will be sharing my experience of the renovation process and the purchasing of the different accessories and home furnishing. Sad to say, the renovation id that we got did not perform as expected. We have moved in for about 2 weeks but the carpentry works are still in progress. So we are basically still living on boxes as our consoles and wardrobes are still not up.

Lately, we have been busy sourcing out for the different home accessories. I would say we have more or less got what we wanted. Here are the list of vendors we purchased from and perhaps it could prove helpful to those who are in the midst or intending to do a renovation.

Twin City Engineering Pte Ltd

We choose this company from the recommendation of our id and we did some price comparison with Gain City and Coolserve. Their prices are reasonable from the different quotes. We pay around $5000 for a system 4 Mitsubishi Electric whereby we change all the pipes and all pipes are concealed. We were deciding between Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries but choose Mitsubishi Electric after doing some on-line research.

MGL Curtains

We were deciding between D Zander which is the sponsor for Xiaxue home curtains and MGL. MGL won us over as they have the fabrics that we want. Jimmy Textile in Katong seems to offer reasonably priced curtains too but we were to lazy to go over to do some comparison. We get MGL to do a wall paper, one set of master bedroom day and night curtains and three window blinds for the bedrooms and living room, we spend around 1700 dollars.

Kids Beds and Table
Piccolo House

We search quite a while for the furniture of our children's rooms. Piccolo House was our final choice as we feel their finishing and pricing are better.

Kitchen and Toilet Accessories
Adamas and GR Link

We kind of regret hacking away the toilet bowls as it seems to be of the Toto brand. Ironically, we got back the same brand and Adamas in Jalan Besar offered around 30% discount off the list price whereby the main Toto distributor, W.Atelier, offered around 20% discount. It set us back around 1200 dollars for two wc plus a Toto rain-shower set at 700 plus. A more high end Baron or Aquino wc would cost around 300 to 350 each while a less branded rain-shower set could cost between 200-450 region.

GR Link generally offered reasonable price for toilet and kitchen accessories whereby we got some of our stuff there too. The shop beside GR Link is also worth a look at.

Kitchen Stove, Oven and Hob
Mayer and Lion City Trading

We got a package which comes to around 1000 dollars for stove, hob and oven from Ariston which had got good reviews as compared to similar priced brands such as EF.

We got our build in microwave oven from Lion City Trading which offers pretty good deals.

BL Lighting

We settled on BL Lighting (Jalan Besar) 5 inch LED downlight at 39 dollars each with 2 years warranty. The lights quality are pretty good. The normal non LED downlight would have cost around 26 dollars.

Store Room Racks 
Yee Sin

We got our bomb shelter storage racks form Yee Sin and they do have it in all white racks. I guess it looks more pleasing to the eyes.

Hope this list will be helpful for your renovation process.