Friday 31 May 2024

Is Tesla Finally a Value Play or The Fallen Star?

Contributed by: The Big Fat Whale

The buzz has been around Nvidia in recent times, this has led to Tesla taking a back seat. So with the lack of interest, is Tesla finally going to be a value play or a fallen star? Could there be more downside given the developments in the electronic vehicles landscape?

We have touched on Tesla twice in late 2020 and early 2021, the first article was when it was just included in the S&P500 and for the second article, their continued ascent led us to be sceptical. 

Tesla shares almost doubled after our first article- we are kind of embarrassed- before coming back to reality. Tesla shares have now fallen back to the 570 million dollar valuation when the first article was published.

Nonetheless, we were impressed with the 15 billion dollar profits for 2023 which was way above our expectations.

It is great to revisit this controversial stock that has fallen from its euphoric peak for now.


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