Saturday 1 July 2023

Is Teladoc a Buy Now?- Revisiting Investment Thesis

Contributed by: The Big Fat Whale

With the growth stocks being in a slum, it is a time for value-oriented investors to go through the rampage and see if there are any potential multi-baggers to be found.  We love to search in out-of-favour sectors and themes, as the margin of safety would be more prevalent.

Previously, we published our research on Teladoc which is almost 1.5 years ago, our closing thoughts were that it was in a sunrise industry with a bright outlook, but despite them falling 60% from $300 to $125, we have our reservations and preferred to stay on the sidelines. We advise you to go through our previous article so as to have a better comprehension of the issues we will be touching on in this article.


It has since fallen by another 80%, from $125 to its current level of $25. The dramatic fall has attracted our attention and we decided to revisit it to see if there could be a change to our initial thesis of staying on the sidelines.

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